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This is so fucking important:

This is so fucking important:

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Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

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So This is my Gender bend version of Elsa and Jack (OTP lol), Jackie and Elsir : ) Hope you guys like.

So this was a good change of pace for me because I started to do lined drawings. it’s really fun to do more stylist drawings using lines ^_^ and couples are rly fun to draw !

lol sorry for the inconsistent styles XD;; was experimenting mostly @_@;;

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It’s hard to tell people that love you that you feel unloved because you don’t want them to feel unappreciated but then you are stuck feeling unloved.

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If college is so important that even during a blizzard it stays open, why do they make it so expensive no one can afford to go?

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Why are you smoking?

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I finally read The Fault in our Stars and honestly I wasn’t ready, I need someone to talk to about it!

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You’ve been asking a question, and it’s time someone told you you’ve been getting it wrong.

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